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Embossed Name Cards and debossed name cards undergo a similar process that creates a different result. Both embossing and debossing involve an engraved metal plate and a counter. The plate is mounted on a letterpress machine and the paper stock is stamped between the plate and counter.

The pressure of stamping pushes the paper stock into the engraving plate, creating the embossed name card. Embossing produces a raised impression, whereas debossing creates a indented impression.

NameCards.com.sg specialise in producing quality, precisely embossed name cards that will match your professional image. We are happy to assist you with the design of your embossed name card and personalisation of your message and images on the name card.

Four options are available, depending on how many colours you require for printing ie 1 to 3 colours or full colour (4 colour) printing. Pantone colour offset printing (PMS) is used to ensure a quality finish and complete match to your corporate colours every time.

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Our embossed name cards are printed in 1 colour pantone (PMS) offset print on quality 300gsm thick w..
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2 colour pantone (PMS) offset printing on 300gsm thick white card ensures a quality embossed name ca..
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Our 3 colour embossed name cards print 3 colours pantone (PMS) offset printing on quality 300gsm thi..
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Full colour pantone (PMS) offset printing on 300gsm thick white card ensures a quality name card whi..
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