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Accepts the majority of common type of payment! We promise a straightforward transaction!

Credit / Debit Card, Paypal or Stripe

We accepted payment methods via PayPal and Stripe. These payment gateway accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, JCB and Discover card. You DO NOT need to have an account with PayPal or Stripe in order to make a payment.

There is no extra charge for making a payment by Debit or Credit card. A payment gateway usually charges a percentage of the card payment as a fee, between 1.9% and 3.9%. We are proud to be the only online printing company that does not charge this fee to our customers.

We prefer Paynow!

The fastest way to make cash payment through PayNow. We can process your order immediate through this payment methods. When you made payment using PayNow, Namecards Inc doesn’t incur any fees, that means we can keep our cost low and products cheap for you.

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What to do after Scanning the QR Code?
  • Step 1

    Enter your order number in the Bill Reference No.

  • Step 2

    Enter the exact amount shown in the invoice you received.

  • Step 3

    Once payment is made. Screenshot and email it to sales@namecards.com.sg

  • Step 4

    We will process your order after we have verified the payment.


Now that our company accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, we are setting a precedent for what will soon become Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are proud to be the first Printing Company to accept Bitcoin and Altcoins as payment.

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List of Crypto We Accept!

Paypal Me

With PayPal.Me, you can send a personalized link to friends, family members, or customers to request a payment directly to your PayPal account.


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Paypal Me

Bank Transfer / TT

Please email us (sales@namecards.com.sg) a scan copy or screenshot of your proof upon completion of the transaction. Your order will not be process until we have this confirmation.

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Payment By Cheque

Cheque payment currently only available to our Corporate customers. You can apply through our form here marked “Request Corporate Account” if you want to place an order on behalf of your business.

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