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Hot Stamped Name Cards Printing

Your business is represented by your name card. It may also be the initial step in creating an impression of the company’s overall image in addition to providing personal contact information like name, title, email address, website, address, and phone number. As a result, you must create a name card that grabs customers’ attention right away.

In order to give our clients the greatest printing services and goods, we offer a variety of options. The fonts, colors, textures, and paper types utilized all communicate the sort of business represented. You can make use of our unique printing processes, such as hot stamping, embossing, or laminating. An effective name card conveys the personality of the business and makes a good first impression.

Among our name card printing services, hot stamped name cards are by far the most popular. Your name cards can be given a high-end, personalized look by having a foil name card printing added for a touch of elegance and professionalism. You can add a dash of sophistication or sass with our foil-stamped name card by using metallic shades, incredibly glossy colors, pearlescent accents, distinctive textures, and cutting-edge effects.

Our foil stamps produce a metallic look with a substantial amount of pigment. To meet this finishing requirement, a special plate must be created for each order. For our customers to pick from, we provide a wide range of foil colors and textures, including metalized, holographic, holographic/specialty, matte pigments, and gloss pigments. You can choose any color with any texture by looking at our foil color guide! You might ask for a custom quote if the color you wanted wasn’t listed.

Gold, silver, rose gold, and copper are the most widely used foil stamp colors. Even simple designs become distinctive and appealing thanks to the gorgeous finish of our hot stamp printing name cards. Put it anywhere you like, in text, on logos, or on artwork. To make your custom hot stamped name cards stand out in the market, we also offer iridescent hot stamp business cards.

You can also alter the size of your personalized hot stamp foil name card to suit your requirements. However, there are certain realistic restrictions on the size of a name card. Larger, oversized name cards may be more noticeable, but they are more cumbersome to carry. As a result, name cards are smaller than a typical hand. We can choose from the following:

  • 89mm x 54mm Standard Size
  • 90mm x 54mm Asia Size
  • 89mm x 51mm US Size
  • 85mm x 55mm Europe Size
  • Custom Size

Our foil accent name cards are the best choice if you want to give your name cards a distinctive, polished appearance. Any element of your card, including the firm name, logo, body copy, and design, can be highlighted with a metallic sheen. Additionally, it makes a lovely accent to the dynamic writing and vibrant colors.

The success of a name card depends on a number of elements, including clear writing, an appealing design, texture, and sturdy material. Our key priorities are the texture and longevity of a name card. We provide a selection of foil papers, each of which has a unique specialty.

At Namecards Inc, we provide a variety of paper stocks and specializations. First and first, we put our clients’ requests and demands for the ideal name card. Check out our paper stock and ask for a custom estimate if you haven’t yet found the ideal kind of paper for your company. You can pick the desired color, texture, and thickness. For your business, you may create elegant foil name cards that will catch the attention of clients at a glance.

Your hot stamp name cards can be enhanced with a variety of our specialties to make them more imaginative, distinctive, and eye-catching. The following are a few of the specialties we offer:

Round Corners

Cut the edges of your hot stamped name cards in a circle rather than the cliched square design. The rounded corners will have a fantastic vibe and a distinctive appearance. The curve has a 1-4″ radius.


Using a die, an embossing die raises images from a piece of paper or card stock. This produces a 3D effect that directs viewers’ attention to the place you want them to pay the most attention to.

Spot UV

Spot UV gives your name cards depth and contrast by altering the gloss and texture.

Getting a personalized estimate for your project is simple when working with our printing company. You can ask for a custom quote by clicking the “request for a custom quote” button after entering your contact information, the size you want for your name card, the number, specialty, colors, and a reference photo.

Gloss Art Card

What paper we use?

Your name card has your contact details imprinted on it, so ensure you pick a paper type that can endure the printing you need on your card.

260gsm gloss art – 260gsm is an ideal surface if you are looking for the finish traditionally associated with photographic prints. The smooth, high gloss finish creates vibrant prints, capturing the full tonal range in your artwork.

310gsm gloss art – Most popular selection for professional and colour prints, 310gsm paper is ideal. The paper is of the highest quality and has a gloss, bright white finish. It looks and feels like high-quality picture paper and reproduces colors well.

350gsm gloss art – If you like thicker card, 350gsm art paper is a glossy coated printing paper well suited for you. Its glossy, smooth surface gives the printed image an a more polished appearance and “picture-perfect” impression.

Tips – Paper weight is measured in grams per square metre (gsm). In general, the paper will be heavier and thicker the greater the gsm grade.

Rose Gold Foil

Matte Gold Foil

Matte or glossy name cards

Making name cards for yourself or your organization is more work than it first appears. There are several variables to think about, including the layout, the color, and the level of glossiness against matteness.

Fortunately, we provide both, so read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of glossy vs. matte business cards and which is best for you.

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination creates an exquisite, modernised and refined look finishing that gives your cards a smooth touch.

  • Pros: Readable even under direct lighting
  • Cons: Colors may not appear as vibrant as gloss lamination

Gloss lamination provides shinny surface to your name cards. It gives your graphic images more dynamic and sensational look.

  • Pros: Powerful visual impact for high contrast images
  • Cons: Glare under direct light

Round or square name cards

Are you the type of person who enjoys thinking outside the box? You might not have thought of the prospect of having name cards that aren’t square or rectangular. But did you know that rounded-corner name cards are actually available?

Though they may not be appropriate for every business or industry, choosing a more distinctive design for your name cards could help to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Round Corners Name Cards
Round Corners

You have an advantage over competitors if your name cards have rounded corners.

A minor feature like rounded edges on your name cards may make a significant difference.

Square Corners

Name cards with square corners are the “standard fit” since they are most frequently used in ‘straight’ and traditional industries where customers are seeking for reputable companies to offer dependable services.

Find a professional designer or DIY

There are several venues for independent contractors, but not all of them are reliable.
Use a freelance portal that protects you with secure payment & job administration capabilities instead of just sitting around wasting time & money.

Important artwork guidelines

Whether you’re a graphic designer, or an entrepreneur who does their own graphic design, you have too much going on.

How to order

  • Step 1 - Select your options

    Select your options in the product page and add to cart.

  • Step 2 - Add to cart & check out

    Select your delivery area and check out. Add your billing detail and make payment.

  • Step 3 - Upload your file(s)

    You will received a auto generated invoice by email that will guide you how to send your file.

  • Step 4 - Process to print

    We will check your file(s) and proceed to print if no error.

  • Step 5 - Ready for delivery

    When your order is ready for delivery, you will receive an email from us.

  • Step 6 - Receive your goods

    Goods will reach your location within 1-2 business days by third party courier. Express delivery will be within 24 hours by us.


The delivery speed will depend on the paper and finishing options you choose for your cards, between 5-7 business days. But Express Name Card can be as fast as 24 hours delivery if you order before 2pm Mon–Fri.

We offer the following Name Card sizes:


  • Local: 89mm x 54mm
  • Standard: 90mm x 55mm
  • Creditcard: 85mm x 55mm
  • Europe: 88.9mm x 50.8mm
  • Square: 65mm x 65mm

  • Matte Name Cards are shine-free, and you can write on them with a marker.
  • Gloss Name Cards accentuate color making images more vibrant with a dramatically shiny look. A perfet choice for printing your product images.

Our team can help you create the artwork for printing. Designer fee may apply. Please contact our customer care when you placing order. If you need free name card design tool or download free templates, please visit:


  • Business Card Maker - https://www.bizcardmaker.com
  • Freepik - https://www.freepik.com/

Free delivery on orders over $100 with free returns.


  • Courier (Economy): $8.00
  • Courier (Express): $15.00
  • Post Mail (No Tracking): $5.00

No you can't, printing takes far less time than designing and confirming the artwork.
Only if you have a ready design file, than 24 hours express name card printing will be permitted.

Yes you can. Scan PayNow QR code or type our UEN during the checkout.

We accept Credit/Debit cards through payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe. PayNow, Bank Transfer and Cheque payment only. Cash not accepted in at the current moment.

There is no extra charge for making a payment by Debit or Credit card. A payment gateway usually charges a percentage of the card payment as a fee, between 1.9% and 3.9%. We are proud to be the only online printing company that does not charge this fee to our customers.

No, there can be no adjustments to the text, layout, or design with the quantity you chose; it only applies to one artwork. For instance, if you require 1000 name cards for 10 names, you must get 10 name cards with 100 pieces each.

For more information, please visit FAQ page.

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