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4 Easy Ways To Emboss Your Name Cards To Make Them Stand Out

4 Easy Ways To Emboss Your Name Cards To Make Them Stand Out

Choose elements to emboss

Emboss your name cards will have an impression of hills and valleys as a result. This technology conveys a sense of seriousness along with some lightheartedness. The logo can be pushed out on one side in different shapes for a stunning design, showcasing your company’s ingenuity.

A portion of your embossed name cards will be raised in accordance with your design thanks to a technology called emboss. The back of the name card will concurrently dip as a result of this. Debossing is the term for this practice. You may read more about emboss vs deboss here. As a result, the other side of the card is immediately debossed if one side is embossed.

Only a few changes to the name cards’ shapes that have been embossed are available on the top side, where you can find information like the logo. Through debossing, these forms will also have an impact on the card’s reverse. You can also include additional information, such contact details and web connections, on the reverse of the card.

Use blind emboss solely for tactile experience.

A blind emboss is always preferred over an embossed print with color. The paper’s surface’s colorless emboss has a significantly stronger optical representation. Any type of paper, regardless of color or texture, can be printed with this technique. In the meantime, the color of the pop-out ink will be less obvious and visually portrayed. It will be tougher to detect a raised object jump out the paper the more starkly the paper contrasts with the raised object’s color. As a result, we constantly advise printing with a blind emboss or a bright deboss.

Blind Emboss Name Cards
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Emboss and gloss foil together

Blind emboss is really nice, but foil emboss is even more appealing. Gloss foil emboss is especially appropriate for darker papers. If an embossing is enhanced by a glossy finish, then the relief is diminished by an ink embossing. We strongly advise against embossing on objects that contrast with one another. For example, a white object embossed on black paper will be barely noticeable.

Be innovative

As the object is raised on one side and impressed on the other, embossing is typically visible on both sides of the name card. This printing technique can produce some incredibly imaginative designs. On the reverse of your name cards, for instance, you can print your name or your company’s emblem. Everyone will understand that the print is merely a mirror image of the emboss, so there is no need to worry that the object will appear mirrored on the other side.

You may create a unique appearance using letterpress printing and blind embossing on your name cards by overlapping the embossed roller coaster with the printed text.

The other side of the name cards can also be embossed without any markings showing. This is excellent if you don’t want mirror debossed features to overpower the content written on the rear. However, because we attach the embossed side with a flat sheet and cover the backside deboss markings, the cost of producing these name cards is higher. When customers flip over this type of name card, it appears unexpected because it is challenging to comprehend how one side has popped out while the other is flat.

Blind Emboss Name Cards 2
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What are your options for name cards with embossing?

You now understand how to use the emboss printing technique to further distinguish your name cards. If you are not a designer, it is not a problem; simply consider how you want your card to appear and contact us. Our qualified staff will provide you advice on the best printing technique to use and assist you with the creation of your name cards.

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