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Name Card Sizes and Shapes

Name Card Sizes & Shapes

Although Namecards Inc. has designed and manufactured a large number of name card sizes and shapes we are always quite delighted with the creativity of those who are motivated to defy accepted norms. However, irregular size and shape can lead to more issues. A complex card may occasionally be quite attractive but entirely useless, and it would not even be preserved in a stack of normal cards if it were larger than the ones that fit into the name card holder. As a result, when deciding on the card’s size and shape, it is important to consider the receiver and if they will find it convenient to store the card.

World standard name card sizes and shapes

Here are the basic name card sizes used around the globe. Although standards make life easier for everyone, there isn’t just one standard size; instead, each nation has its own, sometimes limited, set of requirements for the size of name cards. The normal name card sizes for each country are shown in the table below.

Country/StandardDimensions (inches)Dimensions (millimeters)Aspect ratio
Canada, United States3.5” × 289mm × 51mm1.75
Japan3.582” × 2.165”91mm × 55mm1.655
Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, France,
Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland,
Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey
3.346” × 2.165”85mm × 55mm1.545
Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway,
Taiwan, Sweden, Vietnam, India, Colombia
3.54” × 2.165”90mm × 55mm1.636
Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia3.543” × 2.125”90mm × 54mm1.667
Iran3.346” × 1.889”85mm × 48mm1.771
Sri Lanka, Argentina, India, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland,
Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania,
Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan,
Bulgaria, Latvia, Mexico, South Korea and South Africa
3.543” × 1.968”90mm × 50mm1.8
ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1, (credit card size)3.370” × 2.125”85.60mm × 53.98mm1.586
ISO 216, A8 sized2.913” × 2.047”74mm × 52mm1.423
ISO 216, C8 sized3.189” × 2.244”81mm × 57mm1.421
ISO 216, B8 sized3.465” × 2.441”88mm × 62mm1.419

We advise keeping things simple and sticking with the three fundamental standard name card sizes, Singapore, Europe and America, based on our expertise.

Name Card Sizes and Shapes

Name Card Bleed

We occasionally receive files with incredibly odd card dimensions. Therefore, we always question if the proportions of a name card truly need to be this way. The card appears to be mostly regular size; the only thing marked with bleed areas is the file. Name card designs that export to vector-based PDF format can be made using a variety of editors.

We sometimes struggle to see the specifications that the vector editor has specified. Please be aware that expanded sheet format files are not required (enlarged name card format). Do not increase the sheet size to account for bleed; instead, ensure that all items that should extend beyond the card’s border have cross-cutting lines and that these lines are marked in the magenta color depicted in the design image.

Round Corners & Die Cut Shapes

We can round all four or just some of the corners of your name cards if you want them to be more unique while still being standard. We provide this additional service using a unique corner-rounding technology. Individual shape cutting is the most expensive service since it calls for the creation of specialized cutting knives and an additional die cut run through cutting press.

Examine our existing cutting blades and corner radius capabilities before developing letterpress name cards so that we may provide a more affordable price.

Did we answer you questions on about standard name card sizes? Let us know what you think.

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