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Name Cards

Name Cards​

A name card serves a purpose beyond merely providing contact information. It plays a crucial role in introducing oneself and promoting goods and services.

If you are in need of personalized name cards, we recommend trying our convenient online printing services today.

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You ain’t go wrong. We start at basic Name Cards and go all the way to extra premium.

Available Finishing

Unique your Name Cards with our customise luxurious special finishes.

Blind Embossing
Blind Embossing
  • Emboss produces a raised impression
  • Letterpress effect on logo
  • Highlighting logos
Hotstamping Foil
Hotstamping Foil
  • Shiny embossed look
  • Enhance your design, logo or text
  • Amazing metallic finish
Spot Vanishing
Spot Vanishing
  • Clear and embossed gloss effect
  • Contrasting area of gloss
  • Giving it emphasis and depth
Diecutting Effect
Diecutting Effect
  • Cut out any shapes
  • Unique memorable shapes
  • Round corners or custom shape

Designing your Name Cards

Whether you’re just startup or a creative designer, we have various options to help you create your own Name Card.
Check out the online templates and tools to help you easily create your own custom name card design in minutes.

Upload Files

Upload Files

Upload files for printing In a rush? Your cards can now be ordered,...

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Tips & Resources

In essence, there are three essential components: a concept, a design, and a message. When combined, these three components result in something memorable.

Here’s how to put everything together to create that wow-factor name card when you’re ready.

Avantages of Name Cards

Name cards, also known as business cards, offer numerous advantages in today’s professional world. First and foremost, name cards serve as an effective and convenient way for individuals to exchange contact information.

While smartphones and digital contact lists have become increasingly popular, name cards still provide a tangible and reliable method for saving important information. Additionally, name cards can leave a lasting impression on others during networking events or business meetings.

They not only showcase a person’s professionalism but also serve as a representation of their brand and image. Furthermore, name cards can serve as a powerful marketing tool, enabling individuals to promote their business and services effectively.

By including the company’s logo, name, and contact details, name cards help increase brand recognition and make it easier for others to remember and recommend the individual or business.

Overall, the advantages of name cards in establishing connections, leaving a lasting impression, and promoting business make them an essential tool in today’s professional world.

Black & White Name Cards

FAQ: Name Cards

The delivery speed will depend on the paper and finishing options you choose for your cards, between 5-7 business days. But Express Name Card can be as fast as 24 hours delivery if you order before 2pm Mon–Fri.

We offer the following Name Card sizes:


  • Local: 89mm x 54mm
  • Standard: 90mm x 55mm
  • Creditcard: 85mm x 55mm
  • Europe: 88.9mm x 50.8mm
  • Square: 65mm x 65mm

  • Matte Name Cards are shine-free, and you can write on them with a marker.
  • Gloss Name Cards accentuate color making images more vibrant with a dramatically shiny look. A perfet choice for printing your product images.

Our team can help you create the artwork for printing. Designer fee may apply. Please contact our customer care when you placing order. If you need free name card design tool or download free templates, please visit:


  • Business Card Maker - https://www.bizcardmaker.com
  • Freepik - https://www.freepik.com/

Free delivery on orders over $100 with free returns.


  • Courier (Economy): $8.00
  • Courier (Express): $15.00
  • Post Mail (No Tracking): $5.00

No you can't, printing takes far less time than designing and confirming the artwork.
Only if you have a ready design file, than 24 hours express name card printing will be permitted.

Yes you can. Scan PayNow QR code or type our UEN during the checkout.

We accept Credit/Debit cards through payment gateway like PayPal and Stripe. PayNow, Bank Transfer and Cheque payment only. Cash not accepted in at the current moment.

There is no extra charge for making a payment by Debit or Credit card. A payment gateway usually charges a percentage of the card payment as a fee, between 1.9% and 3.9%. We are proud to be the only online printing company that does not charge this fee to our customers.

No, there can be no adjustments to the text, layout, or design with the quantity you chose; it only applies to one artwork. For instance, if you require 1000 name cards for 10 names, you must get 10 name cards with 100 pieces each.

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